This is probably how I would go to prom if I was not so OLD! lol
Anyway, this is my vision of a perfect prom look, or you can use it for some special occasions like weddings, romantic dinners….
I was trying to make the video as short as possible, so I didn’t show you every single step, but that’s because next week you’ll be seeing my foundation routine and few more like videos like that.
I hope you’ll like it. If you have any questions, comment bellow and I’ll see you very soon!
Thanks for keeping up with me! 

 photo 641E5E69B24FB27E669BDD6C92A26D0B_zps203454e7.png

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  1. Prvo neke golden rose, koje sam nasla, imam ih ko zna od kada, i druge neke iz Londona, koje sam dobila kao poklon pre hiljadu godina. Ti mozes da koristis koje god sljokice, cak mislim da kod Kineza mozes da nadjes sve zive u svim bojama.
    <3 <3 <3

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