Hey guys. How are you? Well, beside fashion, my BIG love is makeup. I like watching makeup tutorials on youtube (we all do, right?) and trying them out. So for days I wanted to share with you my favorite beauty gurus and here it is finally. 
CARLI BYBEL (her fb page is here). I’ve been following her for less than a year, but lately I really enjoy listening to her, I love her face, her eyes, her brows, she is just beautiful. By the way, I got inspired with this look of hers, and that was what I did for New Year’s eve. Like her a lot.
ANDREA’S CHOICE. Hm. How can I describe her? HILARIOUS. CRAZY. FUNNY. BEAUTY. This girl right here made me laugh so many times. Her videos are so funny, she is funny. She is very creative, and beside makeup tutorials she does all kind of things. If you are having a bad day, if you need some laugh, positive energy, u have to follow Andrea (here)! I LOVE her! 

TAANJICABB. My friend from high school. She inspires me so much when I see how successful she is at what she does. She does amazing makeup, she is so so beautiful, I admire her very much. She proved to me that if you want something, you will get it! You can find her fb page here

DULCE CANDY. She is Mexican, but lives in US, and she used to serve the US army for several years. She has been to all different stuff, and she likes to share all of that with her followers. Even when she did a nose job, and breast implants, she wanted to share that. You need courage for that. And I respect that. She also does gorg makeup, and you can really learn whole bunch of things on her channel. And this is her fb page.

MICHELLE PHAN. May I say that she is maybe the most successful in this industry? Let’s see. She has her own agent, she has her own beauty line called ’em’ and she was one of the few that made $5 million in 2013 only!!! Yes, she is probably the most successful. I love her videos, because they are very unique, high quality, like short movies. I admire her so much, and I think that she is inspiration to all the women around the world.

Thank you for stopping by and please share with me your fav beauty bloggers! I’ll see you soon. 

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