teksas_dunjajovanic3teksas_dunjajovanic1teksas_dunjajovanic5teksas_dunjajovanic4shirt/dress zara – mini backpack zara – sneakers josefinas – celine sunglasses

photo by the amazing Jovana Rikalo

If you follow me on the gram, you know I have been obsessed with these sneakers for the last couple of months. And honestly, I have been thinking about getting them since forever, and then one day I was like ‘ok, this is happening right now’.
My favorite thing about them is that I have two kinds of fur. A sky blue one and a deep red. So by changing the fur, I can get different looks with them.
And all of you have been asking me for these sneaks for months, so this is the website to their store where you can order them (here).
Although, there is an important information about purchasing these. I didn’t order them to my Serbian address, I had them shipped to London and then I got them from there, because of the taxes and customs.
Aside from that, this outfit represents my ‘don’t try too hard’ swag. Sneakers, a comfy dress and a mini backpack. By the way, I have been obsessed with mini backpacks lately.
And finally, these sunnies! They are everything! My favorite pair ever.
You can rock them with any outfit, elegant or sporty. I mean, hands down, this is the perfect black classic pair of sunglasses that I’ve ever owned!
I hope you like the outfit. I know I do. 🙂
Until next one!

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