Couldn’t sleep last night. So I was thinking about life.
Life is so short, but yet so long.
You are able to have so many good people in your life, and a few bad.
I am SO grateful for my friends, cousins, my brother, and all the wonderful people that made me the strongest and happiest that I’ve ever been. 
And of course my little fluffy babe on the pic above.
She is one of the reasons that I survived all the tough moments I’ve been trough.
I am grateful for my life and all that I have.
So spread love. Enjoy life. Enjoy yourself.
Because life is so short. But yet so long.

Padre Nuestro
Que estas en el cielo
Santificado sea tu Nombre
Venga tu reino
Hagase tu voluntad
En la tierra como en el cielo

 photo 641E5E69B24FB27E669BDD6C92A26D0B_zps203454e7.png

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