Hey guys, how r u doing?
I wanted to share my updated everyday beauty routine with you. Above you can see what products I’m currently using. Some of those are my all time favorites and I’ve been using them for a while, and some are new. Let’s get started.

step 1: skin

I’m not using a lot of foundation, and I’m definitely not using it every day, so it lasts me a long long time (like almost a year). And every time when I run out of it, I’m buying a different one, but I felt that with all foundations that I’ve been using, my skin is not looking healthy enough. So I went to MAC store and asked them to give me something that will make my skin look healthy and natural. And I’m really loving these two products that I’ve got. Only thing I’m missing right now is their concealer, but I hope that Santa’s gonna stop by Mac. 🙂
So, after I moisturize my skin, I use MAC mineralize moisture spf 15 foundation (my shade is NC42), then I apply Maybelline’s FIT concealer (in shade 25) just to highlight a little bit under my eyes…. About this concealer…it’s not bad, but it’s not that I can’t live without it…so so. And after those, I apply a little bit of MAC mineralize skinfinish natural (medium dark) to give my skin a little bit of glow.

step 2: brows

This is something I’ve been using for a while now. Sleek make up brow kit. This is one of the things I can’t live without. You can also use regular eye shadow, the only thing that matters is that it’s matching with your brow’s color, so it looks natural.

step 3: eyes

 After doing eyebrows, I like to apply some eye shadow. For everyday I apply this neutral shadow just to prevent eyeliner from moving anywhere. This is MAC matte eye shadow in color blanc type. And if I’m doing something else I use it as a base shadow. Then of course, eyeliner. I’m using L’Oreal Infallible Gel Liner (blackest black). My absolute favorite. And mascara. Currently I’m using Colossal Volum’ Express by Maybelline, but I’m definitely gonna go back to my favorite, the regular Volum’ Express.

step 4: finish

The last, but not the last, cheeks :))) I have different blushes that I use, but in 99% of time I use sugarbomb by Benefit (u can tell from this picture). It’s natural and shimmery. And the last last thing I use is Mary-Lou Manizer, awesome highlighter from Balm. I was looking for it the whole summer, and for some reason I couldn’t order it online from their official site. Anyways I found it in Las Vegas, then not even a month later, I dropped it. Thanks God, it was closed, but still, it’s totally broken inside. Every time I open it, there’s more and more peaces of it. Stupid. Very stupid. And lucky for being stupid. 🙂
Baby agrees with all of this, and she uses the same products for her makeup routine. 😀

That’s it guys. I really hope you like it.
By the way, how does your makeup routine look? Do you have any advice for me?
See you soon.

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