A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to visit Crete, Greece.
I have traveled to Greece many times before, but I have never been to Crete.
It is one of the biggest Greek islands, and it is so huge! We tried to see as much as possible for the time we spent there, and we managed to visit Agios Nikolaos, Rethymno and Heraklion, which is the capital city.
I loved everything there. My crew, the hotels (ah-mazing), the island, all the beautiful places we’ve been to, all the gorgeous restaurants, the food. Everything!
The best thing is that from June 10th (which is tomorrow) Ellin air will be flying directly to Heraklion from Belgrade.

We stayed at two gorgeous hotels. The first one is Elounda Beach, which is located near Agios Nikolaos and it is probably one of the rarest hotels I have been to. Privacy comes first here. And they have around 30 different room categories. From traditional rooms to the hi-tech rooms, where you can listen to the music while swimming in your private pool. This was definitely an amazing experience.

In Heraklion, we were staying at the Galaxy Hotel. This one is the really modern city hotel, so if you prefer to stay in the city, and be close to all the shops, restaurants, then I would recommend you to stay here.
It is very cosy and I actually think it is perfect for the young couples who want to have fun in the city, but also to stay in an awesome hotel.
I sincerely recommend you to visit Crete, because I liked it so much.
I would say it is my favorite island in Greece.
And if you want to see more of my time spent there, watch the vlog I made during our trip.

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