Hey guys! I hope you are doing well.
So finally, after so many years, I decided to DO IT. Cut cut cut cut it!
As Missy Elliott says ‘If you a fly gal, get your nails done, get a pedicure, get your hair did’. 🙂
I wanted a real bob ever since Rihanna had it back in 2007. Well, it took me just 8 years to get brave. 
Just kidding. I mean I did want this kind of hair cut so bad back in days, but my hair was not as straight as it is now. It was way more curly and just hard to handle. 
Over the years I have done two straightening treatments using Keratin, and it became so much easier to handle. After the treatments, for the first time in my life, I could just blow dry my hair in 5 mins, put it in a pony tail, and leave the house. 
And as all of you probably, one day I am like I want long loooong hair, and other day I am like I want to cut it! 
And last week I decided to cut it off. Mainly because I hate split ends. And I damaged my hair way too much over past couple of years. Especially when I was dying it blonde. And whatever I did with my hair, it was just looking dead to me. 
So last week I cut it and all I can say is that I love it. 
The only challenge now is the ponytail. Since some of my hair is about 2 cm long in the back, I can hardly put it in a ponytail at all, not to mention the bun, or a high ponytail. And I am so used to have my hair up in a pony. But, every change is good and I will get use to it, I’m sure. Hope you like it.
That’s it for today, guys.
See you soon. 
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Ljudići, kao i svakog ponedeljka, novi video je na mom kanalu. 
Nadam se da vam se ovakav tip videa svidja. Ukoliko želite neki poseban video, ostavite mi to u komentarima. 
Ja se trudim da snimam ono što ja volim da gledam, pa se nadam da nam se ukusi po tom pitanju poklapaju. 
Toliko od mene za danas, a ukoliko niste pogledali video, uradite to odmah! 
Proizvodi pomenuti u videu: 
embryolisse lait-creme concentre
diorskin star foundation/ 030
M.A.C pigment/ vanilla
ardell clear lepak za trepavice
beauty blender i micro mini beauty blender
nyx soft matte lip cream/ london
carmex lip balm
glade sveća
essence nail polish corrector pen
fit me concealer
burberry body set
manna eterično ulje od lavande 
 photo 641E5E69B24FB27E669BDD6C92A26D0B_zps203454e7.png
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