I’ve just realized how many times I dyed my hair. A billion!!!! 
I remember first time dying my hair. It was after my 18th birthday. So in 2007. That means that in past 7 years I’ve changed so many hair colors! Ok. Now I think I’m crazy. And I was wondering why is my hair not growing? Well, maybe because I tried to kill it so many times. I found several pictures with different hair colors, but I am not even sure how many times I’ve actually changed my color. 
OMG. I’m still in shock. It’s a miracle I have any hair today. I am grateful. 
Take a look at the pics I’ve found and feel free to comment. And of course feel free to lol !!!
The first pic is my natural hair color. Then I had this golden color, that looked terrible if it’s not straightened by a hairdresser. Moving on, my Morticia Adams look. Gorgie! Had it for less than a week. Then I wanted some natural brown color, as u can see from the next picture. And I had it for a while, but almost every time I dyed it, it was with a different color. Then I decided I wanted to have highlights. After 2 weeks, I decided I do not want it any more. And I wanted my natural hair color. And I did have it, for 4 months. Yeeey! Then I started with the balayage technique. First I just got a few highlights on my ends. Then I wanted more. And more. And more. Then I got blonde! Then I decided I don’t want to be blonde. Now I want my natural hair color AGAIN, but I have to wait for my hair to recover so I can dye the whole hair.
BUT, this is very IMPORTANT. Even if you are totally insane like me, you want something else every day, don’t do it by yourself. Go to hairdresser’s. It’s less likely that your hair will be damaged.
Hahahahah I gotta admit, my favorite pic is my Morticia Adams moment! I remember, it was in 2009, I loved Nicole Scherzinger for Pussycat Dolls, went to their show and the morning after I went I bought black tint and dyed my hair. My brain was on vacation that time…. That’s actually the only time I dyed my hair at home, not at hairdresser’s.
I hope you laughed with me and I hope you enjoyed it. Until next time. 
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