Beyonce in Belgrade

My love, my little nephew

My grandparents 50th anniversary 

froyo craziness 
I wish we were there now 🙁
Chicago fam

US gals

Las Vegas, my fav place on Earth

Disney world with my loves 

Seeing my cutie after 4 months

Out and about with Tijana

all of me

my b-day 

officialy gone blonde
 photo 641E5E69B24FB27E669BDD6C92A26D0B_zps203454e7.png
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Hey guys, how are you doing?
I’m so happy that weather is so so nice, that I wish I live somewhere where is like this all year long…. For example, Los Angeles. Mmmm…
Anyways, this is what I did yesterday. I like what we did, BUT I hate taking pictures in nature, cause I am so freaking afraid of bugs and all kind of insects. I even have a few bites on my legs (and I almost died). The worst part was laying on the ground… But, the most important thing is that I LOVE pictures. There’s more pictures, I’ll post them soon.
Special thanks to Zarko Skoko, talented photographer and a friend of mine and to my Maki Laki for light assistance and great atmosphere.

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